We let our customers' testimonies speak for themselves. You may see graphic pictures of photos taken during the various stages of the wound healing process while using Wound Honey.

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"As a vascular surgeon, I see wounds of all kinds and all sizes. Wound Honey has been a tremendous help to my patients both in the hospital and in my practice."

Dr. Shawn Skillern MD, Vascular Surgeon

"When my daughter was nine months old she contracted MRSA. For almost a year she was on and off antibiotics. Now I wouldn't say I'm a health nut, but having my child suffer was so unbearable and I knew there had to be some natural things to at least help her. I spent countless hours reading and researching. Not long ago she had a pretty bad infection and it was the first one in almost eight months. I happened to be standing in the medicine aisle and noticed this Wound Honey. As I was reading the label my heart leapt for joy. Had I found something that could really help without meds??? After three days her wound was completely gone - as if it never was! Now if that wasn't enough, I turned up with an infection of my own. Immediately, I cleaned it and put on a small bandage - of course with Wound Honey. It's been eight days now and I'm happy to say I am healing very well, hardly any pain. I honestly believe in my heart, had I not had the Wound Honey I would have been in the ER on day three. Being careful to wash your hands and keep things in your environment is great to help prevent infections, but in the event you do get one, grab your Wound Honey and let the healing commence."

Marlana Rangel

"A few weeks ago I was stung by a Stingray. The sting area was itchy and very painful. After three weeks of pain, a friend gave me some Wound Honey to try. The Wound Honey is so soothing on the sting area! After my first day using it, the sting area already started to feel better. The first picture is of my first day using it. After just one week, there is no itch and the sting site is almost completely healed! The second picture is of my almost healed sting. Thank you so much!"

Jenny Gonzalez, Westchester, CA

"A year and a half ago I had three core breast biopsies. No cancer was found and the wounds were dressed by the surgeon's nurse with dry dressings and petroleum based ointments. The biopsy wounds failed to heal.

Later a closed biopsy was performed, again finding no cancer. This wound also failed to heal with dry dressings. This ordeal escalated to a double mastectomy because, the surgeon said, my body was rejecting the stiches he used in the closed biopsy. And yes, with nothing but dry dressings applied, the double mastectomy wound also failed to heal - the worst of it shown in the "before" photo.

The surgeon never found any cancer, and my wounds would not heal. What the surgeon missed was that some wounds cannot heal with dry dressings, not even the fancy ones with silver that cost a fortune. Eventually, another doctor correctly diagnosed and treated me for Hashimoto's thyroiditis, low iodine levels and low adrenal function which helped to address the systemic inflammation. But the wound still did not improve because it was still too dry. The wound was tunneling into my chest, excruciatingly painful, and narcotic pain meds were slowly killing me.

Just in the nick of time a dear friend found Wound Honey on line and suggested I try it. Within 24 hours the wound showed signs of stabilizing. Within 48 hours the pain began to decrease because the wound was finally beginning to heal. The after photo is evidence of the miracle of Wound Honey. A retired military dermatologist told me, we used honey back in the day and it never caused any problems. You can't say that about any of the modern wound care products. I am grateful to be alive to testify that Wound Honey is easy to use, cost effective and an absolute God-send. Thank you Eras Natural Sciences and thank you bees!"

L. Barnett, Licensed Acupuncturist
Consultant, Educator at Classical Five Element Acupuncture
Greater Seattle Area

"Wound Honey is nature's answer and my first choice for the treatment of wounds of all types. I have incorporated the use of Wound Honey into my practice because it is more effective and less toxic than many of the synthetic/chemicalized alternatives available. Antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria do not stand a chance when faced with the osmotic differential and bacteriotoxic enzymes of manuka honey. The addition of aloe further solidifies Wound Honey as a wound dressing of significant benefit.

Such a simple solution for so many complex wounds is truly appreciated. I am continually amazed at how Wound Honey sterilizes and debrides infected wounds and sets the stage for healing. Though vascular issues may be a problem, Wound Honey at least serves as a way by which to eradicate the bacterial load that is not affected secondary to diminished blood flow.

The safety, efficacy and ease of use make Wound Honey my treatment of choice when dealing with complex, recalcitrant wounds. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is having trouble healing a difficult wound. I encourage those who are unfamiliar with Wound Honey to research the literature to discover the value and benefit of this form of wound treatment."

Christopher K. Nagy, MD
Salisbury Orthopaedic Associates
Orthopaedic Surgeon, Fellowship trained Foot and Ankle specialist

"My name is Nancee Bowers. I own a Health Food store in Albemarle, NC called Albemarle Nutrition. I was trying to start a fire in my fireplace in late January of 2012. I poured a small amount of gasoline on the embers. I did not realize the fumes were all over my feet. My feet and legs were covered in flames within seconds of lighting the fire. I was so embarassed that I actually waited a week before going to the hospital. I was told that I would have to go to Wake Forest Baptist to be treated. I had never felt pain until this incident. My skin was debrided off of my toes and legs, and I was in pain for a long time.."

"The hospital sent me home with dial soap to wash with and I was instructed to use a wash cloth on my open wounds. They also gave me a creme to dress my wounds with. As a cosmetologist and licensed esthetician I knew these products would not promote wound healing. I researched and the best dressing I could find was Manuka Honey. The doctors told me I would probably need skin grafts. I was much better in February after using the Wound Honey for over a month. I am really impressed with the debriding of my skin. I never had to scrub my skin with a washcloth. My dead skin just literally fell off the next morning in my bath. This was a very painful and scary experience. I am so glad God made the Manuka Honey bushes for the bees to feed from. In everything I give thanks to my Creator, I did not need skin grafts and am completely healed!!."

Nancy Bowers, Owner of Albemarle Nutrition

"My Dad suffered from a deep decubitus ulcer on the back of his lower right leg. He is not diabetic. The tendon was exposed and the drainage was very heavy. The leg and foot were very red. Due to the massive exudate and his existing venous stasis condition, the foot below quickly became extremely macerated. Conventional treatment could not stop the drainage and therefore, could not start the healing process. That's when I recommended the use of Wound Honey. After three months of twice daily saline cleanses and applications of Wound Honey, the foot is completely healed. Drainage stopped after the first two days. The redness in the lower extremity was replaced by a healthy pink tone. Granulation tissue was observed soon after the drainage stopped and wound healing progressed until all were fully closed. The Podiatrists caring for my Dad are amazed. A million thanks to this product for helping an 84-year old, WWll veteran and war hero."

84-year old, WWll veteran

"My mom is in last stage Alzheimer's and I've been caring for her in her home for 14 years. Even though I've purchased an alternating air mattress, used many different types of mattress pads, propping pillows and move her often, she still began to get pressure sores on her tail bone. She is now very thin, as she can't keep much food down.

I've tried doctors prescriptions, recommendations, searched high and low on the net and nothing worked as well or as fast as Wound Honey. I saw results after just one day and within a week they were totally healing up.

Thanks for your efforts to create this product and share with the rest of us. I was so upset when they first starting appearing, that I wasn't doing enough, but was so happy with your product when they starting healing so quickly".

Becky P.

"I recently burned my hand on a hot curling iron. The burn was severe enough that I decided to go to the emergency room. Before I left the house, I applied Wound Honey on my hand. By the time I arrived at the emergency room, the pain had diminished and my hand was no longer red and swollen. I turned around and drove home. Thank you for saving me the cost of going to the emergency room."

Catherine S., Santa Ynez, CA

"I am not sure I would have believed how well Wound Honey works had I not seen it for myself. Wound Honey has been an incredible success for my patients. I now start with Wound Honey on all of my wound care patients."

Dr. Scott Roberg DPM

"I had an ulcer with a horrible odor. After surgery I began using Wound Honey to treat my infection; I was healed in about eight days. Wound Honey is nothing short of amazing."

N.W. California

"I had a very large diabetic ulcer with a blister on my large toe, I applied Wound Honey and within 24hrs I was 75% healed, with no sign of infection. I was completely healed within days. I can't thank Wound Honey enough!"

Adrien Goldbaum

"My dog recently had surgery to remove a small tumor from his chest. The vet got all of the tumor, but the surgical wound got infected. After several rounds of antibiotics, my dog's wound did not get any better. A neighbor suggested I put honey on the wound. I thought he was absolutely crazy until I did some research and found your product. When my vet saw the results from the use of Wound Honey, she was absolutely amazed. I guess my neighbor isn't so crazy after all."

Bernard Trestler

"I have been in the hospital four times this past year and have experienced several kinds of wounds that have had to be dealt with at home. I found out about Wound Honey through ads in medical magazines and decided to try it. My nurses have found that Wound Honey has been a great help in the treatment of these wounds, and they now have made everyone at their main headquarters aware of it to use on all applicable patients. We have also learned that hospitals are using it more and more and that makes us happy for the patients that benefit. Thank you for making a product that works and helps to make us out here feel better!"

Janet Kelly, A Grateful Colorado Customer

"I had a horrible wound on my ankle from an accident with an axe. The doctor stitched it up, but it would not heal. The wound became infected, smelled horrible, and was very painful. My doctor tried everything he could think of, but six months after the accident, nothing was working. I searched the internet for alternative wound healing products and found Wound Honey. The Wound Honey soothed the pain immediately. After a few days, the redness and odor were gone. Now, just two weeks later, the wound is healed. Thank you Wound Honey!"

Mark K., Charleston, SC

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