Research and Studies on Manuka Honey

Dr. Peter Molan, who has been researching Manuka Honey for more than 20 years at Waikato University, New Zealand, is the senior lecturer of the Bio Chemistry Department. Following are links to Dr. Peter Molan's research and studies:


Honey Has Sweet Healing Properties
St. Louis Post Dispatch
By Dr. Keith Roach
May 29, 2014

Link to Article: Honey has Sweet Healing Properties

PRESS RELEASE: August 18th, Ventura CA
Wound Honey Wins Top Gear Award

Eras Natural Sciences, makers of Wound Honey, today announced that they have been awarded their top honor for Natural Remedy of the Year by Shape You, considered to be the top online Health, Fitness and Nutrition information site. "Winning the Top Gear Award is a tremendous honor for our product, and continues to validate what we have known for some time about Wound Honey", states Chad Caton, V.P. of Sales and Marketing for Eras Natural Sciences. "We have seen and heard first hand the success stories for this amazing product", states Caton.